Episode 16: Reading the Entire Bible Through the Jesus Lens

Jesus is the interpretive key that pulls all of the Bible’s narrative threads together into himself. In order to read the Bible well, we need to read every inch of it – including the First Testament and the non-gospel New Testament books – through the Jesus Lens.

Reading Backwards by Richard B. Hays:

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Episode 15: Zooming Out – Reading Bible Stories in Light of the Big Story

Now that we have an overview of the Bible’s big 6-Act Story, how can we read individual stories and passages with a proper understanding of their place within the story? Today we take a look at the Ten Commandments and a well-known phrase from the Sermon on the Mount and reframe them in their proper narrative context.

*If you haven’t listened to Episode 14 on the 6-Act Story of the Bible, you may want to listen to that first.

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Episode 14: Genesis to Revelation – The 6 Act Story of the Bible

In our previous episode we argued that the Bible is primarily a unified story, but how does that story actually work? Today we do our best to summarize the 6 ‘acts’ of the Bible’s story:

Act 1: World’s Genesis
Act 2: Humanity’s Rebellion
Act 3: Israel’s Quest
Act 4: King’s Advent
Act 5: Community’s Calling
Act 6: God’s Homecoming

This is a bulky episode covering a lot of content, so feel free to take a couple breaks and process it if you need.

‘Venn Diagram’ Illustration Alex mentioned in Act 5:

Read more:
The Drama of Scripture by Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen:
The New Testament and the People of God by N.T. Wright pp 139-143

J.R. Briggs Joins IFBR Board of Advisors

We’re excited to welcome J.R. Briggs as the newest member of our Board of Advisors!

J.R. is the Founder of Kairos Partnerships, an organization dedicated to equipping and partnering with hungry leaders in their health and development. He also serves as an affiliate faculty member at Missio Seminary in Philadelphia and on the Board of Directors for Jerusalem University College.

He has authored several books including The Sacred Overlap and Fail.

“While the Bible is widely available, it is often misunderstood and neglected. I’m grateful for IFBR and its strategic, intentional, and creative work to equip people to engage with the entire story of Scripture. This vision is exciting and contagious, and it serves a significant need today. Few things are as important in our day and age than this effort.”

Our Senior Director of Content, Glenn Paauw, was recently interviewed on J.R.’s Monday Morning Pastor podcast. Check out his interview (which starts around 12:15) here:

Episode 13: The Bible is a Story. Here’s Why That Matters

People hear “story” and think “fairy tale.” But stories are everywhere, and they play a definitive role in who we are. The Bible’s claim is that it’s the true story of the entire world – here’s why that matters.

5 Worldview Questions:

  1. Who Are We?
  2. Where Are We?
  3. What Is Wrong?
  4. What Is The Solution?
  5. What Time Is It?

*Borrowed from N.T. Wright’s The New Testament and the People of God pp 132-133