Greg Jao Board of Advisors

Greg Jao Joins IFBR Board of Advisors

We’re glad to announce that Greg Jao has accepted our invitation to join our Board of Advisors.

Greg serves as the Executive Vice President, Communications & Mobilization for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. Prior to his ministry with InterVarsity, he was an employee benefits attorney in Chicago.

He is the author of Your Mind’s Mission (IVP) and The Kingdom of God LifeGuide Bible Study (IVP) and a contributing author to Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents (IVP), Educating about Religious Diversity and Interfaith Engagement: A Handbook for Student Affairs (Stylus), Telling the Truth (Zondervan), and Voices of Conflict (Adama Books) and Voices of Hope (Adama Books). He also currently serves on the boards of Wheaton College and the Evangelical Covenant Church.

“After nearly 30 years in campus ministry, I’m convinced nothing transforms lives more than immersion in the Scriptures. That’s why the fundamental building block of every InterVarsity chapter is a small group bible study and the core skill we teach every student is how to study the Scriptures. And that’s why I’m so committed to the work of the Institute for Bible Reading.

The Institute harnesses current research into the ways this generation actually reads to develop new resources and fresh approaches so that more people will read Scripture more frequently, more attentively, and more transformatively. And that – in an age where politicians and pundits may be evangelizing and discipling people more frequently than a weekly message from the pulpit – is something we should long for and should invest in.”