Praise for Our Work

“Many Christian groups and movements think of themselves as ‘biblical’ while their members hardly ever read the Bible thoroughly for themselves. The Institute for Bible Reading is addressing this urgent problem with fresh research and advocacy, along with the production of ‘Readers’ Bibles’. This is a first-rate resource to meet a first-order challenge for tomorrow’s church.”

NT Wright

“No book has had greater impact on history. No book has sold more copies — or sat unread on more shelves. The Institute is committed to getting the Bible read, and understood, a worthy goal that just might start the spiritual renewal this world needs.”

Philip Yancey

“Like electricity, running water, well-stocked grocery stores, and endless miles of smooth paved roads, easy access to the Bible and the ability to own a copy are privileges we take for granted. We’ve lost sight of what it took to write this much-neglected book and the price many paid to get it into our hands.

We’re missing out on the life-transforming wisdom and the hope-filled good news it proclaims. Nothing should hold us back from diving into the grandest and best story ever told and to discover afresh the God who loves us and draws us into his story. I am grateful to be part of a movement that aims to help us do exactly that.”

Carolyn Custis James

“When I spoke with two of the co-founders of the Institute for Bible Reading several years ago after hearing about their grand vision to change the way the world reads the Bible, I put my hands on their shoulders as they departed and said, ‘This is a good and important mission. Go do it!’

It is encouraging to see their work growing and expanding in churches but also in schools, prisons and beyond, especially among the younger generations. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see God’s Spirit use their signature resource, Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience, to fuel a Bible reading revival that would awaken our curiosity and engage our imaginations to fall back in love with the Book?”

Martin Marty

“Our world is saturated with words. And in one sense we’ve never had more access to the Word — on paper and on screens. But that very saturation makes the challenge of encouraging true reading, and transformative engagement, with Scripture far more complex than it has ever been.

“The leaders of the Institute for Bible Reading are among the most restless, insightful, and creative people I know. Anyone who cares about Bible engagement should beat a path to their door.”

Andy Crouch

“I have read the Bible all of my life. But my favorite way to read the Scriptures is in large portions and in paragraph form. The Bible then changes from a collection of individual verses to powerful stories, letters and poetry.

So I heartily commend the work of The Institute for Bible Reading for not only presenting the Bible is such a readable format but for creatively encouraging and challenging churches to collectively read and be changed by such an engaged reading of God’s Word.”

Bob Fryling

“For 500 years, the biblical word has been in our hands, galvanized by the Protestant Reformation. Yet the artificially-inserted chapters and verses have distorted the biblical narrative. I was so naive to this reality until the leadership of the Institute for Bible Reading placed their work in my hands.

Consequently, I have been drawn into the purest, deepest connection with the Lord, Our God knowing I was reading the text in its original form. How can one not be compelled? A new reformation is upon us!”

Meritt Lohr Sawyer

“In an age where narratives are truncated and meaning is shaped only by what we see, Christians hold one of the greatest and most powerful treasures: a Grand Story of Everything. Yet we have chopped our Scripture up and crowded out its contents, leaving its beauty obscured and its message largely ignored.

The Institute for Bible Reading is developing fresh and stunning ways of returning us to this treasure. When we used their resources in our congregation, it resulted in the highest engagement we’ve ever had not only in Bible-reading but also in small group participation. The Church is and has always been a community formed around a message, and I believe the Institute’s work helps us to recover this aspect of our identity and vocation.”

Glenn Packiam

“As a long time professor of biblical studies, I was very excited to learn about the Institute for Bible Reading and the Immerse program. As Christians, we believe that the Bible is God’s Word. In other words, in its pages God speaks to us. If we want to grow in our relationship with God, we should be reading the Bible. I applaud the work of the Institute for Bible Reading as they encourage us all to read with understanding.”

Tremper Longman

“We applaud the Institute for Bible Reading and Tyndale House Publishers for developing an immersive, community-focused Bible and reading plan. It’s our prayer that this format will spark a passion for God’s Word in churches and communities in the United States and around the world.”

Bob Creson

“While the Bible is widely available, it is often misunderstood and neglected. I’m grateful for IFBR and its strategic, intentional and creative work to equip people to engage with the entire story of Scripture. This vision is exciting and contagious and it serves a significant need today. Few things are as important in our day and age than this effort.”

J.R. Briggs

Immerse: The Reading Bible is one of those resources that has the unmistakable feel of ‘Why didn’t I think of that?! It’s so obvious!’ The content formatting and presentation will help those just getting started with reading and studying God’s marvelous Word. Also, it will prove to be an enormous boost to veteran students of the Scriptures in removing inattentiveness to familiar passages. The plan for covering the entire scope of the Scriptures over a three year period, carried out within a reading community, will be welcomed by all who embrace it.”

Freddy Boswell

“The Bible is where we first lose ourselves in the story and discover God’s compelling love for us that transcends economic, social, ethnic, or any other status. Then, we are invited to find ourselves in the Bible, to discover our role in God’s great restoration story. The Institute for Bible Reading is doing important work to give us the tools to read the Scriptures well so we can live them well.”

Efrem Smith

“In these sobering days, congregations now more than ever need grounding in the Scriptures. It’s heartening to see the Institute for Bible Reading’s practical, fruitful initiatives.”

Harold Myra