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Introducing Immerse: Luke & Acts

We’re pleased to announce that our publishers at Tyndale have produced a new edition of Immerse featuring Luke and Acts.

You can read the story of Jesus and the life of the early church, presented in the easy-to-read Immerse format without chapters, verses, or modern additives. Use it for personal reading or enjoy and discuss it in community using the included 20-day reading plan.

At the time of this writing, Tyndale has Luke & Acts available for 25% off. Learn more and order here: Immerse: Luke & Acts

In Memoriam: A Tribute to Jim Steere

Our dear friend and colleague, Jim Steere, died Tuesday, December 6, 2022, after battling liver disease. Jim served with IFBR from our earliest days, working closely with Paul Caminiti to invite churches and denominations to read Scripture together with Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience.

He transitioned to Tyndale House Publishers in 2017 and worked collaboratively with us to launch and promote Immerse. After he retired from Tyndale, he rejoined our team in a part-time volunteer role as Senior Associate.

Jim was passionate about helping churches read the Bible in community, and he helped us forge connections with Christian leaders to build awareness about Immerse. He also willingly shared his wealth of experience in fundraising and organizational leadership, which continues to benefit our organization in numerous ways.

Jim’s life modeled curiosity, an imaginative mind, and keen relational skills. These characteristics were on full display in his diverse vocational career which included professional photography (including serving the Chicago Symphony), retail gemology, marketing and development work for two Christian ministries, and then finishing his career with IFBR. He was known for his integrity, sense of humor, building trusting relationships, and diligence in his work which he understood as a part of the grander, sacred mission of the Creator he loved and followed.

Peace to his memory.

Episode 60: The Choice We Need to Make (+ a big announcement)

The early church made a distinctly counter-cultural commitment. Will we?

On a Limb Productions: https://www.onalimbproductions.com/
“Destroyer of the Gods” by Larry Hurtado

Episode 59: A Better Way to “Apply” Bible Stories

All too often, Bible stories such a David and Goliath, Joseph’s adventures, and Daniel in the Lions Den are reduced to setups for a moral lesson or spiritual principle. The classic children’s book “Sounder” models a better way. By constantly immersing ourselves in the Bible’s stories, we come to see how those stories reverberate into our stories.

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Episode 58: Architecture, Poetry, and How the Bible Speaks to Our Hearts

After historical narrative, poetry is the most common form of literature in the Bible. The Bible’s story is broad, but it is also incredibly deep.

The craftsmanship of biblical poetry shows us that God wants to speak to our hearts, to help us feel, and to give us footholds to experience him more fully through all of the emotions of life.

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