Episode 32: Lament: A Hope Not Yet Realized

Sometimes life can be so hard it crushes you.

Our co-host Glenn Paauw returns to the podcast to share about the unexpected tragedy that rocked him and his family this summer, and how it has brought him back to the lament passages of Scripture.

The Bible is full of hard stories and unjust endings. And while we live in the “already” of Christ’s victory, we have to make room for the “not yet.”

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Episode 31: Setting the Table for Good Bible Reading w/ BibleProject’s Tim Mackie & Jon Collins

Interacting with the Bible can be a confusing cross-cultural experience — where should you even start? And how can we overcome some of the conventions in modern-day Bible publication that can obscure the patterns and features of the original text, adding more layers of confusion?

In our second episode with BibleProject co-founders Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, we zoom out from their story to talk more generally about the state of Bible engagement as a whole. Listen as they share the most important approaches and ideas they want people to walk away with when it comes to interacting with the Scriptures.

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Episode 30: The Origins of BibleProject w/ Tim Mackie & Jon Collins

BibleProject has become one of the world’s most popular resources for learning about the sophisticated literary artistry of the Bible. So how did it get started? What were some of the fundamental questions that led to its creation?

Co-founders Tim Mackie and Jon Collins join us to share about their personal history, how BibleProject was born out of their own journeys to make sense of the Bible, and how they hope their work helps others get swept up in the beauty and wisdom of the Scriptures.

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Episode 29: Re-Enchanting the Scriptures

God didn’t give us a systematic theology — He gave us a story. But with the scientific revolution came a way of using the Bible that turned it from a library of literature into a list of spiritual facts. We preferred a Bible we could dissect and master, so we disenchanted the Bible, draining it of much of its beauty and power.

Our Senior Director of Content, Glenn Paauw, helps us understand how we got here and how we can work to re-enchant the Bible again.

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Episode 28: How (Not) to Read the Bible w/ Dan Kimball

Are there unicorns in the Bible? Did Jesus ride on dinosaurs? If we’re honest, there are a lot of strange and uncomfortable passages in Scripture, and lately they’ve led to a lot of people abandoning the faith. Many others have used them to attack the Bible and discredit Christianity.

Dan Kimball joins us to talk about these difficult parts of the Bible and how understanding their ancient context helps us make sense of them. His new book How (Not) To Read the Bible equips Christians and non-Christians alike with ground rules for reading Scripture well, which leads to better interpretation of some of its wildest and most challenging parts.

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