We love to talk about Bible reading.

One of our favorite things to do is connect to talk with others about Bible engagement. We love seeing “light bulb moments” as people begin to think differently about the Bible culture we’ve inherited and what we can change to connect more deeply with the Scriptures.

We’d love to join you on your podcast or speak at your event, conference, seminar, ministry leaders gathering, church service, whatever.

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Some Topics We’re Passionate About:

  • Changing the Way Your Church Reads the Bible
  • How We Got Our Modern Bible and Its Impact on Reading
  • Preparing for Your Immerse Experience
  • The Gospel of King Jesus
  • Saving the Bible From Ourselves
  • How the Bible’s Story Works
  • Improvising the Bible’s Story Today
  • The Scripture Revival Under Ezra and Nehemiah
  • How to Read the Bible in Context and Community
  • The 3 Barriers to Good Bible Engagement
  • The Powers and Principalities in the Story of the Bible
  • What is the Bible? What Are We Supposed to Do With It?

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