Our Story

Our mission has its roots in the Bible publishing industry, where our team was confronted with sobering research that revealed two divergent trend lines. Access to Bibles (especially in the West) is skyrocketing, but Bible engagement and Bible reading are in freefall. We have more Bibles than ever, yet there is a massive connection problem.

This revelation led to over two decades of research and experimentation to uncover the “missing ingredients” that make Bible reading such a struggle for so many. While many lament the decline of Bible literacy, few understand the root causes that lie beneath the problem.

In early 2016, we launched as a 501c3 nonprofit laser-focused on addressing the Bible disengagement epidemic, and in December of 2023, we were acquired by Our Daily Bread Ministries to support them in reaching people with the life-changing wisdom of God’s Word.

Ultimately, we help people become immersed in the Bible’s life-changing story so they can faithfully live the story in their lives today.

Our Mission

To invite people into God’s transformative story by changing the way they read the Bible.

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“The Institute is committed to getting the Bible read and understood, a worthy goal that just might start the spiritual renewal this world needs.”

Philip Yancey

“Many Christian groups and movements think of themselves as ‘biblical’ while their members hardly ever read the Bible thoroughly for themselves. The Institute for Bible Reading is addressing this urgent problem with fresh research and advocacy, along with the production of ‘Readers’ Bibles.’ This is a first-rate resource to meet a first-order challenge for tomorrow’s church.”

NT Wright

“The leaders of the Institute for Bible Reading are among the most restless, insightful, and creative people I know. Anyone who cares about Bible engagement should beat a path to their door.”

Andy Crouch

“(Immerse) has united our church together, it has given us common ground which of course is the Bible! And called us back to our roots and what’s important to us.”

Michelle Sanchez

“We have chopped our Scripture up and crowded out its contents, leaving its beauty obscured and its message largely ignored. The Institute For Bible Reading is developing fresh and stunning ways of returning us to this treasure.”

Glenn Packiam