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Michelle Sanchez Joins Board of Advisors

We’re thrilled to welcome Michelle Sanchez to our Board of Advisors! Michelle has been a longtime friend of ours and one of the key champions for Immerse within the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. She also recently joined us for our conversation on How the Bible’s Story Helps Us Talk About Racism. We’re so grateful for […]

Episode 2: The 3 biggest barriers to Bible engagement

In Episode 1 we looked at Bible reading trends in America and discussed the huge disparity between the amount of Bible resources and the number of Bible readers. We have more Bibles than ever yet reading trends are in freefall. On this episode we diagnose what’s actually broken. From unhealthy expectations to flawed cultural habits, […]

Episode 1: Why does the Bible need a reset?

The average American household possesses more than 4 Bibles, yet Bible reading trends are plummeting. Nearly 9 in 10 American churchgoers want help understanding the Bible, but only 19 percent say they’re getting the help they need. What’s missing? What’s not working? Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience: ImmerseBible.comSupport the Institute for Bible Reading: https://instituteforbiblereading.org/changemakers/