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Video: How the Bible’s Story Helps Us Talk About Racism

How does the Bible speak into our current cultural moment? What does the story’s trajectory reveal about God’s concern for overcoming systemic injustice? On June 25th we hosted a free webinar with panelists Dominique Gilliard, Michelle Sanchez, and Fr. Steve Delaney to discuss how how the Scriptures can inform our growing national discussion on racism. […]

Student Reflections on Immerse

Bible teacher Nathan Smith has been using Immerse in his classes at South Christian High School for over a year. After trying Immerse at Calvin Christian High School and seeing the impact it had on his students, Nathan became convinced that the organic reading experience and “book club” discussion model needed to be incorporated into […]

Video Story: Immerse at Chapel Springs Church

“Like so many churches in America, we do have a biblical literacy problem.” In January 2019, Chapel Springs Church in Bristow, VA committed to going “all in” with Immerse and embarked on an ambitious plan to read the entire Bible together in 2 years. Check out part of their story below, which is one of […]

Welcoming Jim Steere to the IFBR Team

We’re thrilled to welcome Jim Steere to our team as a Senior Associate. Jim is a longtime friend of ours. He joined us at Biblica in 2012 to help spread the word about Community Bible Experience, then transitioned to Tyndale House Publishers in 2017 and worked collaboratively with us to launch and promote Immerse. He […]

Unpacking the Work and Mission of N.T. Wright

N. T. Wright is one of the most prolific and well-known Bible scholars in the world. His enormous body of work around the New Testament has shifted the conversation around topics like justification, kingdom, heaven, and even the gospel itself. A few years ago, before IFBR was founded, our Senior Director of Content Glenn Paauw […]