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Episode 59: A Better Way to “Apply” Bible Stories

All too often, Bible stories such a David and Goliath, Joseph’s adventures, and Daniel in the Lions Den are reduced to setups for a moral lesson or spiritual principle. The classic children’s book “Sounder” models a better way. By constantly immersing ourselves in the Bible’s stories, we come to see how those stories reverberate into […]

Episode 58: Architecture, Poetry, and How the Bible Speaks to Our Hearts

After historical narrative, poetry is the most common form of literature in the Bible. The Bible’s story is broad, but it is also incredibly deep. The craftsmanship of biblical poetry shows us that God wants to speak to our hearts, to help us feel, and to give us footholds to experience him more fully through […]

Episode 57: How the Bible Narrates History

Our modern priorities of exactitude and just-the-facts reporting can lead us to come to the Bible’s stories with a certain set of expectations. The authors of the Bible, however, had different agendas which are reflected in the ways they tell stories. By learning to read the Bible’s narratives with careful eyes, we can uncover meaning […]