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Episode 40: A Less Stressful, More Realistic Bible Reading Plan

It’s a new year and maybe you’ve resolved, once again, to read the Bible more this year. But is reaching for the same kind of reading plan that has proved unsustainable so many times really the best move? Could there be a better way?  In this first episode of the new year we discuss what […]

Episode 38: The Real Cost of Misreading the Bible w/ Philip Yancey

Our conversation with Philip Yancey continues, focusing on his life and upbringing as told in his new memoir Where the Light Fell. We discuss the role the Bible played both in the toxic culture of his youth and later as a book that drew him back into the arms of a loving God. Where the […]

Episode 37: Returning to the Bible Jesus Read w/ Philip Yancey

Renowned author Philip Yancey joins us for a wide-ranging discussion on reading, being counter-cultural, and the importance of the First Testament for understanding the story of the Bible. The Bible Jesus Read: https://www.amazon.com/Bible-Jesus-Read-Philip-Yancey/dp/0310245664Where the Light Fell: https://www.amazon.com/Where-Light-Fell-Philip-Yancey/dp/0593238508 Join ChangeMakers and support the work of the Institute for Bible Reading. Sign up before Dec. 31 and […]

Episode 36: Jesus’ Upside-Down Victory Over the Powers

In Episode 35 we unveiled the “powers and principalities,” these mysterious villains who are present throughout the Bible’s story. Today we dive into Jesus’ life and sacrificial death, both of which are crucial for understanding how God has dealt with the rebellious powers and principalities. And as followers of Jesus, how can we step into […]