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Introducing Immerse: Luke & Acts

We’re pleased to announce that our publishers at Tyndale have produced a new edition of Immerse featuring Luke and Acts. You can read the story of Jesus and the life of the early church, presented in the easy-to-read Immerse format without chapters, verses, or modern additives. Use it for personal reading or enjoy and discuss […]

Immerse Crosses the Atlantic

We’re thrilled to report that Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience has made its way across the Atlantic and into the United Kingdom. The UK wasn’t in our immediate strategy for spreading the vision and impact of Immerse, but the Lord likes to work in surprising ways. Last year, out of the blue, our team was […]

From Heartbroken to Hopeful: Immerse at Valley Christian High School

Dr. Greg Tonkinson is immersed in a Gen Z world. In addition to having four teenagers at home, for the last thirteen years Greg has been the Spiritual Formation Director and Chair of the Bible Department at Valley Christian School in Phoenix, AZ. (VCS is rated one of the Top 50 Christian Schools in the […]

An Ezra Moment: Returning to Our Story During COVID-19

Around 538 B.C., the nation of Israel limped home. After seventy years of Babylonian captivity, they returned to Judah to find Jerusalem in ruins. The wall was torn down, the gates destroyed. The Temple was little more than a pile of rubble. Nehemiah weeps when he learns of the condition of the city. The people […]