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Institute for Bible Reading appoints next Executive Director

The Institute for Bible Reading has some exciting organizational news which I am pleased to share. In accordance with a long-anticipated personal plan, I will be retiring as IFBR’s executive director on July 1, the month of my 70th birthday. Our team has been aware of this plan, and our Board of Directors has engaged […]

2017 Reflections, Looking Ahead to 2018

To our friends and advocates, Thank you for your support and interest in the Bible Reading Movement. As we move into 2018, we are full of gratitude for God’s favor on 2017, our first year of work at full capacity. People around the world are struggling to read and embrace the Bible. We are pioneering […]

Is Bible Literacy The Right Goal?

I have only recently understood the difference between “literacy” and “fluency” when it comes to the Bible. Like most, I grew up with reference Bibles that were formatted for study, but not necessarily for reading. Like any good reference work (think dictionary, encyclopedia, textbook), the chapters, verses, subheadings, footnotes, cross-references, and other well-meaning additives were […]