Immerse: The Reading Bible Wins 2022 Bible of the Year Award

Our flagship resource, Immerse: The Reading Bible, has won the ECPA (Evangelical Christian Publishers Association) Gold Medallion Award for 2022 Bible of the Year!

The Gold Medallion award is a highly sought-after recognition in Christian publishing, akin to a Pulitzer Prize or Oscar award. The ECPA gives the award each year to books and Christian resources in a number of different categories. See all of the winners here.

It’s a thrill to see such an out-of-the-ordinary Bible win this prestigious award. Six volumes, no chapters, no verses, no fancy notes or features. Just the Holy Scriptures with room to breathe.

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Reading Blind: The Urgent Need For Christians to Understand the Bible

Confused. Angry. Apathetic.

That was how Clay Crofford, a recent graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, characterized his experience with the Bible. Like so many others in his generation, he knew that the Bible is supposed to be important, but every time he opened it he ended up with more questions than answers. “What am I supposed to do with this?”

In response to his struggle, Clay produced a new documentary, Reading Blind, which features IFBR’s Glenn Paauw as one of many voices speaking into this epidemic of Bible illiteracy.

The first two minutes of Reading Blind do a great job of capturing the essence of the problem the Institute for Bible Reading is working to address. People have Bibles. They know they’re supposed to read them. They simply don’t know how.

Watch the documentary below, and check out our conversation with Clay about the process behind creating Reading Blind.

READING BLIND: The Need for Christians to Understand the Bible | Full Documentary

Greg Jao Joins IFBR Board of Advisors

We’re glad to announce that Greg Jao has accepted our invitation to join our Board of Advisors.

Greg serves as the Executive Vice President, Communications & Mobilization for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. Prior to his ministry with InterVarsity, he was an employee benefits attorney in Chicago.

He is the author of Your Mind’s Mission (IVP) and The Kingdom of God LifeGuide Bible Study (IVP) and a contributing author to Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents (IVP), Educating about Religious Diversity and Interfaith Engagement: A Handbook for Student Affairs (Stylus), Telling the Truth (Zondervan), and Voices of Conflict (Adama Books) and Voices of Hope (Adama Books). He also currently serves on the boards of Wheaton College and the Evangelical Covenant Church.

“After nearly 30 years in campus ministry, I’m convinced nothing transforms lives more than immersion in the Scriptures. That’s why the fundamental building block of every InterVarsity chapter is a small group bible study and the core skill we teach every student is how to study the Scriptures. And that’s why I’m so committed to the work of the Institute for Bible Reading.

The Institute harnesses current research into the ways this generation actually reads to develop new resources and fresh approaches so that more people will read Scripture more frequently, more attentively, and more transformatively. And that – in an age where politicians and pundits may be evangelizing and discipling people more frequently than a weekly message from the pulpit – is something we should long for and should invest in.”

Immerse Featured on the Bible Review Blog

Tim Wildsmith from the Bible Review Blog recently published a video review of Immerse: The Reading Bible on his website and YouTube channel.

Before Tim recorded this review, we had the chance to sit down with him to share the history behind Immerse and the vision for how it can transform individuals and communities. We think he did a great job of articulating those things in this review, as well as pointing out the various features and benefits of Immerse.

NLT Immerse Reading Bible – Full Review

Reading and Living the Bible Well: Our New Course with Seminary Now

We’re excited to announce the launch of Reading and Living the Bible Well, our first online course produced in partnership with Seminary Now. Take a look at the trailer here:

Reading and Living the Bible Well - Seminary Now Trailer

The nine-part video course is taught by Glenn Paauw, our Senior Director of Content, and it’s based on his book Saving the Bible From Ourselves. Here’s the course outline:

Session 1: Embarking
Session 2: Complicated or Elegant?
Session 3: Snacking or Feasting?
Session 4: Magic or History?
Session 5: Snippets or Story?
Session 6: Escape or Renew?
Session 7: Alone or Together?
Session 8: Dismal or Splendid?
Session 9: Return

Reading and Living the Bible Well is one among many courses offered by Seminary Now, including courses by Scot McKnight, John Walton, Tish Harrison Warren, Esau McCaulley, and more.

Every Seminary Now subscription gives you full access to the entire catalog of courses, and every signup comes with a 7-day free trial. If you want to be introduced to a fresh new paradigm for engaging Scripture for all it’s worth, check out Reading and Living the Bible Well on Seminary Now. Enter coupon code IFBR at checkout for 20% off your subscription!