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Tune In: Facebook Live with Bible Gateway

Update: We had the pleasure of recording our Facebook Live interview with Bible Gateway yesterday, and we’re looking forward to partnering with them to produce more videos. Watch yesterday’s video here:

We’re excited to announce that beginning this Wednesday, December 7, the Institute for Bible Reading and Bible Gateway will be working together on a series of Facebook Live video events to dive into the subject of how Bible reading is broken and how people can take steps toward better Bible reading.


The first episode, titled, “Bible Reading Is Broken, And It’s Not Your Fault”, will be broadcast this Wednesday at 11 AM EST on Bible Gateway’s Facebook page. We’ll be discussing how we’ve arrived at this broken place in the Bible’s history and how the prevailing Bible paradigms set people up for failure even when they try their best to read the Bible.


How do I tune in?

The best way is to go to Bible Gateway’s Facebook page, then “Like” and “Follow” them. After that, do the same with the Institute for Bible Reading page. Make sure that underneath the Following tabs on both pages, Notifications are checked “On”:


By doing that, you should be notified when we begin our broadcast on Wednesday. We’re grateful for Bible Gateway’s interest in helping to usher in a new era of Bible reading, and we’re looking forward to discussing these important issues with them!