Feasting on the Scriptures with Bible Gateway

Feasting on the Scriptures with Bible Gateway

The Institute for Bible Reading and Bible Gateway are teaming up for a series of Facebook Live events titled “Feasting on the Scriptures”, beginning March 30.

Feasting on the Scriptures Bible Gateway

This series will be focused on what it means to “Read Big.” We’ll be exploring the importance of reading whole books, which are the natural building blocks of the Bible. From there, we’ll talk about how all these books work together to tell the true story of God and his mission for the world. Here’s the schedule:

Episode 1: Why We Should Read Whole Books
Episode 2: How to Read the Bible as a Story
Episode 3: Reading the Bible with Jesus at the Center
Episode 4: Reading the Bible Together

How do I tune in?

The best way is to go to Bible Gateway’s Facebook page, then “Like” and “Follow” them. After that, do the same with the Institute for Bible Reading page. Make sure that underneath the Following tabs on both pages, Notifications are checked “On”:


We’re looking forward to discussing these ideas and concepts with our friends at Bible Gateway. Hope to see you there!