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Episode 46: What the Bible Actually Says About the Gospel

Have we made the gospel too small? Personal salvation and “Jesus dying for my sins,” are certainly essential to the good news, but the gospel presented in the Bible is so much bigger and so much better.

The King Jesus Gospel by Scot McKnight
How God Became King by N. T. Wright

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What We’re Reading: December 2017

From time to time we’ll share some of the interesting and thought-provoking content from around the Internet that we come across during our work. Enjoy!

*Note: Sharing doesn’t necessarily imply 100% agreement with the article or endorsement of the author.

Don’t Just Read Alone by Brian J. Wright
In this article, Wright (author of Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus) explores the central role communal reading and discussion had within the ancient communities of the Bible. From Exodus to Nehemiah to Acts to Colossians, the people of God came together to read, hear, discuss, and be transformed together by his Word. Wright encourages us to reclaim this practice with our brothers and sisters in Christ, bringing the Bible (and other Christian literature) to the center of our circles to be read together.

Fuller Magazine Issue #8: Reading Scripture Globally by Fuller Seminary
This whole issue of Fuller Magazine is chock-full of good stuff. We especially appreciated the half-dozen articles that explored reading the Bible within other cultural contexts. How might an Ethiopian read the story of Philip and the eunuch? How might a Peruvian read the Gospel of Mark? These essays were a helpful reminder of the Western and American theological bubble we can sometimes inadvertently find ourselves in, and the incredible value found in reading the Scriptures together with people from different backgrounds.

Kingdom Roots Podcast with Scot McKnight: How to Teach the Church to Read the Bible (Part 1 and 2)
In this two-part podcast, Northern Seminary New Testament Professor Scot McKnight fields questions from listeners about how to help congregations read and understand the Bible without necessarily requiring them to become Bible scholars. Scot touches on a number of topics including Biblical narrative, historical context, recommended reading to help people understand Scripture, and more. Oh, and Immerse gets mentioned during one of the podcasts as well! Have a listen below:

Scot McKnight Blogs About Saving The Bible From Ourselves

Scott McKnightScot McKnight is a Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary near Chicago, IL as well as a renowned speaker, theologian, author, and blogger. Today he published a blog post featuring Glenn Paauw’s book Saving the Bible From Ourselves and pointed his followers to the Institute for Bible Reading to continue pondering his questions about good Bible reading!

We are thankful for Scot’s perspective and his concern for seeing the Bible flourish in the hands of scholars and laypeople alike. Click the link below to go to his blog post and click here to order a copy of Saving the Bible From Ourselves.

Patheos — Jesus Creed: Questions About Bible Reading