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Scot McKnight Blogs About Saving The Bible From Ourselves

Scott McKnightScot McKnight is a Professor of New Testament at Northern Seminary near Chicago, IL as well as a renowned speaker, theologian, author, and blogger. Today he published a blog post featuring Glenn Paauw’s book Saving the Bible From Ourselves and pointed his followers to the Institute for Bible Reading to continue pondering his questions about good Bible reading!

We are thankful for Scot’s perspective and his concern for seeing the Bible flourish in the hands of scholars and laypeople alike. Click the link below to go to his blog post and click here to order a copy of Saving the Bible From Ourselves.

Patheos — Jesus Creed: Questions About Bible Reading


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  1. Marsha Thorson
    Marsha Thorson says:

    This was a great review from Scot McKnight of Glenn Paauw’s new book. I’m in the process of reading Saving the Bible From Ourselves, and writing a chapter by chapter review for my Facebook friends. I believe this book is so important for survival of the Bible for future generations. I’ve struggled all my Bible reading life to read the Bible, much less to be transformed by it’s message. Isn’t that what’s really at stake? So thankful that The Institute for Bible Reading was developed and I look forward to reading more articles!

    • Alex Goodwin
      Alex Goodwin says:

      Thanks Marsha. You’re right, transformation really is the goal of Bible reading. So many organizations have “transformation” in their mission statement, yet aren’t sure how to facilitate transformation besides giving people reference Bibles and hoping for the best.

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