Reading and Living the Bible Well: Our New Course with Seminary Now

We’re excited to announce the launch of Reading and Living the Bible Well, our first online course produced in partnership with Seminary Now. Take a look at the trailer here:

Reading and Living the Bible Well - Seminary Now Trailer

The nine-part video course is taught by Glenn Paauw, our Senior Director of Content, and it’s based on his book Saving the Bible From Ourselves. Here’s the course outline:

Session 1: Embarking
Session 2: Complicated or Elegant?
Session 3: Snacking or Feasting?
Session 4: Magic or History?
Session 5: Snippets or Story?
Session 6: Escape or Renew?
Session 7: Alone or Together?
Session 8: Dismal or Splendid?
Session 9: Return

Reading and Living the Bible Well is one among many courses offered by Seminary Now, including courses by Scot McKnight, John Walton, Tish Harrison Warren, Esau McCaulley, and more.

Every Seminary Now subscription gives you full access to the entire catalog of courses, and every signup comes with a 7-day free trial. If you want to be introduced to a fresh new paradigm for engaging Scripture for all it’s worth, check out Reading and Living the Bible Well on Seminary Now. Enter coupon code IFBR at checkout for 20% off your subscription!