Supercut: From Chapters and Verses to a Better Bible Reading Experience

Episode 56: Supercut – From Chapters and Verses to a Better Bible Reading Experience

Lots of people struggle to read the Bible, but few stop to question why our Scriptures look like a dictionary. Why are we expected to read something that looks so unreadable? The truth is, chapters and verses and the format of our Modern Bible are some of the most overlooked barriers in the push for better Bible literacy.

In this episode, we cut and arranged clips from three of our earliest episodes into one episode exploring the massive impact of the Bible’s physical format. We discuss the origin of chapters and verses and how they led to an avalanche of Bible “features” that hide the natural literature. Then we show how a different Bible format changes everything – a format that makes for an easier reading experience and displays the Bible’s literature the way the authors first intended.

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Comparison of poetry in 1-column vs. 2-column Bible:

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