Partner With Us

Thank you for your willingness to give to the Institute for Bible Reading. Our work depends on the generosity of donors, and through your gift we will be able to bring real solutions to people struggling to connect with God’s Word.

Since we are a small team, donations are currently being processed for us by our ministry partners at WaterStone in Colorado Springs, CO. There are two different ways to give:


Click the button below to be directed to the Institute for Bible Reading donation page.  WaterStone will mail a receipt to you for your gift.

By Mail

Mail check to:

10807 New Allegiance Dr. Ste. 240
Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Make check payable to: Institute for Bible Reading
Memo Line: Acct #150931

*Institute for Bible Reading account # 150931 is a Ministry Program Fund of WaterStone Support Foundation, Inc., TID# 84-1430063.  All contributions are irrevocable gifts under the direction and control of the WaterStone Board of Directors, but will be restricted for the general purposes of the Ministry Program Fund.