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Upcoming Free Event: How the Story of the Bible Works

We hear a lot about the Bible being a story. But how does that story actually work? How does Genesis work together with Exodus, the Psalms, the Gospels, Paul’s letters, and the other books of the Bible to tell the story of God’s redemption in the world? And how is it a story that’s relevant […]

What We’re Reading: December 2018

From time to time we’ll share some of the interesting and thought-provoking content from around the Internet that we come across during our work. Enjoy! *Note: Sharing doesn’t necessarily imply 100% agreement with the article or endorsement of the author. Tiny Books Fit in One Hand. Will They Change The Way We Read? by Alexandra […]

Watch: Immerse at The Brooklyn Tabernacle

Earlier this year we shared a video of Jim Cymbala, Senior Pastor at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, describing his experience leading the congregation through Immerse: Messiah. Check out this brand new video featuring Pastor Cymbala along with four new perspectives from BT members.

The Story Behind Immerse

Another Bible. Another curriculum. Another study guide. Another campaign. Pastors are constantly being bombarded with offers for the “next big thing.” Immerse wasn’t dreamt up as a clever way to sell more Bibles. Rather, it’s the result of more than a decade of research into the biggest barriers to Bible reading. Out of that research […]