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Episode 57: How the Bible Narrates History

Our modern priorities of exactitude and just-the-facts reporting can lead us to come to the Bible’s stories with a certain set of expectations. The authors of the Bible, however, had different agendas which are reflected in the ways they tell stories. By learning to read the Bible’s narratives with careful eyes, we can uncover meaning […]

Episode 55: How Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes Work Together

What does wisdom look like? Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job present three distinct perspectives on living well in God’s world. Rather than offering a one-dimensional answer, they give us a conversation. The Institute for Bible Reading is a nonprofit ministry. Support our work, including the production of The Bible Reset podcast, by joining ChangeMakers: https://instituteforbiblereading.org/changemakers/

Episode 54: Demystifying the Book of Revelation

In our second episode on apocalyptic literature, we look at the book of Revelation. As the source of a lot of confusion (and a lot of bad modern ‘prophecy’) Revelation can feel like a strange ending to the biblical narrative. But a closer look at the ancient historical circumstances of the early church can help […]

Episode 53: Weird & Wild Apocalypse in the Bible

One of the key skills we need to read the Bible well is understanding and “playing by the rules” of the various types of literature we encounter. Apocalypse, often misunderstood as a checklist for the end-times, was a common literary style in ancient times, and is better understood as an “unveiling.” Today we talk about […]