Jim Steere

Welcoming Jim Steere to the IFBR Team

We’re thrilled to welcome Jim Steere to our team as a Senior Associate.

Jim is a longtime friend of ours. He joined us at Biblica in 2012 to help spread the word about Community Bible Experience, then transitioned to Tyndale House Publishers in 2017 and worked collaboratively with us to launch and promote Immerse. He recently retired from Tyndale and joined our team in a part-time volunteer role.

Jim is passionate about helping churches read the Bible in community, and he will continue helping us forge connections with Christian leaders to build awareness about Immerse. He also has a wealth of experience in fundraising and organizational leadership, so he will be a valuable voice as we discern God’s direction for the Institute going forward.

After living in Wheaton, IL for over 30 years, Jim now resides in Orlando, FL with his wife, O’Ann.