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Watch: Glenn Paauw’s Interview With Phil Vischer

If you have an appetite for ukuleles, lighthearted singing, and good discussion on the Bible, well, you’ve come to the right place. Institute Director Glenn Paauw was a guest on the Phil Vischer podcast recently, recording an extended interview about his new book, Saving the Bible From Ourselves. Phil and Glenn are joined by Christian Taylor and Skye Jethani.

Phil is the Founder of Big Idea Productions, Jellyfish Labs, and the creator and storyteller behind VeggieTales and What’s in Bible. If his voice sounds a little familiar, that’s because he is the voice behind several VeggieTales characters including Bob the Tomato. You can see more of what he’s doing at philvischer.com

Check out the interview and leave your comments below!

Episode 213: Saving the Bible with Glenn Paauw