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Meet Meritt Lohr Sawyer, Our Newest Advisor

The Institute for Bible Reading is gaining momentum! We are very excited to welcome Meritt Lohr Sawyer as the fourth member of our Board of Advisors.

Meritt Lohr SawyerMeritt most recently served as Executive Director for the Paul Carlson Foundation affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church, an organization dedicated to medical and economic development in the Congo – DRC. She has given executive leadership to non-profit organizations for over thirty years as the International Program Director for Langham Partnership International, Vice President of John Stott Ministries, and co-founder of FACT (global leadership), managing programs in almost 70 countries.

She is personally active in a far-reaching series of local and global endeavors including the boards of Fuller Theological Seminary, Development Associates International (DAI), Able Works, and Scholar Leaders.

We look forward to Meritt sharing her international expertise with us as we work to begin a truly global movement toward a new era of Bible reading.

“For 500 years, the biblical word has been in our hands, galvanized by the Protestant Reformation. Yet the artificially-inserted chapters and verses have distorted the biblical narrative. I was naïve to this reality until the leadership of the Institute for Bible Reading placed their work in my hands.” Meritt said, “Consequently, I have been drawn into the purest, deepest connection with the Lord, Our God knowing I was reading the text in its original form. How can one not be compelled? A new reformation is upon us!”