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Efrem Smith Joins Board of Advisors

The Institute is pleased to welcome our first pastor to our Board of Advisors! Reverend Efrem Smith joins Andy Crouch, Meritt Lohr Sawyer, Philip Yancey, and Carolyn Custis James on our board. We continue to be humbled and honored by the kindred spirits who are joining the movement toward a new era of Bible reading. […]

5 Tips for Reading the Bible in Community

In a recent survey the Institute conducted, we asked our audience where they usually find themselves reading the Bible. While 92% of them said they read the Bible alone or during their quiet time, only 31% said they read the Bible during their small group or Bible study. Clearly, reading the Bible alone – maybe […]

Watch: Glenn Paauw’s Interview With Phil Vischer

If you have an appetite for ukuleles, lighthearted singing, and good discussion on the Bible, well, you’ve come to the right place. Institute Director Glenn Paauw was a guest on the Phil Vischer podcast recently, recording an extended interview about his new book, Saving the Bible From Ourselves. Phil and Glenn are joined by Christian […]

Meet Meritt Lohr Sawyer, Our Newest Advisor

The Institute for Bible Reading is gaining momentum! We are very excited to welcome Meritt Lohr Sawyer as the fourth member of our Board of Advisors. Meritt most recently served as Executive Director for the Paul Carlson Foundation affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church, an organization dedicated to medical and economic development in the Congo […]

The Institute Welcomes Carolyn Custis James to Board of Advisors

The Institute for Bible Reading is delighted to announce Carolyn Custis James as the newest member of our Board of Advisors. Carolyn joins Philip Yancey and Andy Crouch on our growing advisory team. Carolyn is an author, activist, and speaker who researches and writes about the intersection between Christianity and twenty-first century questions facing women […]