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The Great Commission, Discipleship, and the Bible

There has been discussion for many years about the relationship between the evangelization of the world and the return of Christ. Completing the Great Commission, it is often said, paves the way for the second coming of Jesus. Where does the idea of this connection come from? It has its roots in Matthew’s telling of […]

Verse of the Day “Therapy” is Shrinking the Bible

Image designed by Anthonyboyd It turns out the modern Bible is getting smaller with use. That is, increasingly those who use the Bible, particularly in social media, are focusing on a shrinking numbers of verses. Dr. Pete Phillips, director of the CODEC Research Center at Durham University, reports in Premier Christianity magazine on the growing […]

Why Bible Translation and Access Aren’t Enough

How do we get from here to there? That is, how do we move people from unfamiliarity to deep knowledge of the Scriptures? How do we mobilize them from passivity to an alive and active implementation of the biblical vision in their own lives? For two hundred years, the modern Bible missionary movement has been […]

Kids and the Bible: Are We Discipling Non-Readers?

Many adults are struggling to read the Bible. We know this. At some level it’s understandable, for the Bible is a big, complicated, and very ancient book. (At another level, the Bible is where Christianity gets its story, so the faith community needs to be deeply committed to knowing it well regardless of the challenges.) […]