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Watch: IFBR Interview at Q Nashville 2017

Earlier this year we were invited backstage at the Q Conference in Nashville to record an interview in response to the topic: How Can We Better Engage The Bible? This is the featured topic on the Q Ideas website this week, and IFBR Director Paul Caminiti is the featured voice in response to this question.

Check out the video below in which Paul diagnoses some of the problems with the current Bible paradigm, casts a vision for the future, and talks a bit about Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience


Q Backstage: Paul Caminiti


Watch All 4 Episodes of Feasting on the Scriptures

The Institute for Bible Reading recently joined Bible Gateway for a Facebook Live series titled Feasting on the Scriptures. Each of the four episodes gives practical advice on the steps to take toward “reading big” on the path to great Bible engagement.

If you didn’t catch these episodes on Facebook Live, you can watch them all right here. To get notified of future Facebook Live events, make sure you Like and Follow the Institute for Bible Reading and Bible Gateway on Facebook.

Episode 1: Reading Whole Books

The natural building blocks of the Bible are whole books which are meant to be engaged as complete works. Learn about why reading whole books is the first and most important thing to do with the Bible:

Episode 2: Reading the Bible as a Story

Not every book of the Bible is a story, but every book does contribute in its own way to the grand narrative of the Scriptures. Find out how that works:

Episode 3: Reading the Bible with Jesus at the Center

Every book of the Bible, whether First Testament or New Testament, should be read through the “Jesus Lens.” What does that mean? Glenn Paauw explains:

Episode 4: Reading the Bible Together

The Bible is meant to be a community formation book. While private devotions and quiet times are valuable, Paul Caminiti explains that they can’t be a substitute for communal engagement and discussion:

Prequel: Bible Reading Is Broken and It’s Not Your Fault