Pioneering a Movement

As Christians, we know the Bible is important. God is supposed to speak to us through it. It’s supposed to be central to our journey as Christ-followers.

So why do so many of us end up confused, overwhelmed, and bored? Why are people giving up and walking away from the Bible in unprecedented numbers?

The Institute for Bible Reading believes there’s a better way forward. So we’re pioneering a Bible Reading Movement built on new ideas and fresh approaches to Bible engagement.

Of course, they’re not really new. The Bible has undergone some major changes over the last 500 years that have changed the way we read and engage it. So we’re restoring the Bible to its unadulterated format and delivery because we believe honoring the Bible’s true nature is the best way to read it well.

500 Years of Bible Additives

There are two main factors that make Bible reading harder than it should be:

First, we read in fragments. Our modern Bibles are made for referencing, not reading. When chapters and verses were added to our Bibles a few hundred years ago, additives like section headings, footnotes, and cross references began piling up as well. These additions help us navigate the Bible quickly, but they’ve also unnaturally fragmented the Bible, encouraging us to read bits and pieces and bounce from book to book rather than reading deeply.

Second, we read alone. The Bible is intended to be read and engaged as a community. Every book of the Bible was originally communicated (sometimes sung!) orally to groups of people. It’s a message intended to be read, discussed, and encountered together. But in today’s hyper-individualized world, especially in the West, we experience life in isolation. Reading the Bible is no exception.

So what would happen if we turned back the clock and restored the Bible’s format to its original simplicity and beauty? And what if we returned to a community-based reading of the Bible, allowing it to shape us and our community together?


The modern church has created an entire culture around Bible McNuggets and assumed it was nutritious.

-Philip Yancey

The Core Ideas of the Bible Reading Movement

Restored Bible Format

No chapters, verses, or other modern additives. Our new Reading Bible genre restores the text to its natural beauty, inviting you to “read big” and explore the Bible, book by book.

Reoriented Bible Practices

The Scriptures were delivered to communities and are meant to be read in community. Our community-based program echoes the original practice of experiencing the Bible together.

How to Join the Movement

By helping communities of people around the world immerse themselves in the Scriptures, we can spark a renewal through the Bible’s transformative power.

But we can’t do it alone. If you believe in our mission, join the movement to help craft a new future for millions of people struggling to read the Bible.

Partner With Us:

Our nonprofit ministry depends on the generosity of donors.

By giving to our organization and supporting the Bible Reading Movement, you can help us bring real solutions to people struggling to connect with God’s Word.

If you’d like to speak with us directly about a donation, contact Scott Bolinder at


The Institute for Bible Reading is committed to putting our research into action by creating real resources to catalyze the Bible Reading Movement.

Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience is our flagship program, created in partnership with Tyndale House Publishers. By participating in Immerse, your church can connect with God’s Word like never before.

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