Episode 20: Bible Reading and Spiritual Formation w/ Dr. Stephanie Nance

Stephanie Nance is the Adult Spiritual Formation Pastor at Chapel Springs Church in Bristow, VA. In 2019 she brought Immerse to Chapel Springs and played a vital role in leading the entire congregation through the entire Bible using Immerse in just 2 years. She joins us to reflect on how being immersed in Scripture together impacts spiritual formation at a whole-church level.

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Episode 19: Why Bible Literacy Isn’t the Right Goal

“Bible Literacy Crisis!”
“How to Promote Bible Literacy at Home”
“How to Improve Your Biblical Literacy”

Everywhere you look, literacy is touted as the primary goal for Bible engagement. And while literacy is certainly important, it’s only partway to an even more important objective. On this episode, Paul, Glenn, and Alex discuss literacy as it relates to Bible fluency, which they believe represents a deeper and more comprehensive knowledge of Scripture.

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Episode 18: How to Stop Shrinking Jesus’ Death

Holy Week is coming up. All too often we have a habit of skipping from Palm Sunday to Good Friday, concluding that the whole point of the week was “Jesus dying for my sins.” The cross is certainly not less than this, but it also so much more.

The days and events leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion frame his sacrificial death in ways that are often overlooked. On this episode we dive into each day of Holy Week and unpack what they contribute to the overall meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

As so often happens with the Bible, when we read big, read in context, and make connections, the meanings and takeaways we’re used to are transformed into something bigger and more beautiful than we ever anticipated.

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Episode 17: Improvising the Bible’s Story w/ Dr. Glenn Packiam

Wrapping up our series on the Bible’s story, Dr. Glenn Packiam joins us to explore what it looks like to live the story in real life. Rather than mechanical obedience, the Bible’s unfinished story invites us to faithfully improvise our parts in the drama today.

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Episode 16: Reading the Entire Bible Through the Jesus Lens

Jesus is the interpretive key that pulls all of the Bible’s narrative threads together into himself. In order to read the Bible well, we need to read every inch of it – including the First Testament and the non-gospel New Testament books – through the Jesus Lens.

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