1. A Bible Made for Reading

It starts with a new form of the Bible. Our modern Bibles have become packed with chapter and verse numbers, cross-references, section headings, and footnotes, all of which are only around 500 years old. These additions are helpful for some things, but in many ways they distract us, inviting our eyes to jump around on the page and read the footnotes, or flip to a different part of the Bible to look at a cross-reference.

The most natural thing to do with the Bible is to read it at length and get immersed in the text. So we created a Bible that removes these modern additives and displays the natural literary forms of each book. The text is laid out in a beautiful single-column setting, inviting the reader to jump in and get lost in the story.

2. Formative New Reading Practices

Having a newly formatted Bible is a great start, but there are many modern reading habits that undercut our reading experience. We help reorient people to more ancient and formative Bible reading practices that honor the kind of book the Bible is.

Perhaps the most pervasive habit is that – especially in the West – the Bible is almost always read in isolation. There’s nothing wrong with reading the Bible alone, but when we never read together we miss out on the Bible’s primary function as a community formation book. So we created Immerse: The Bible Reading Experience, a groundbreaking program that invites people to dive into the Scriptures and experience them together. Less like a Bible study, more like a book club.

3. Ongoing New Tools and Resources

We partner with people and continually equip them with resources to read the Bible well. Beyond a new Bible format and new reading practices, we help them understand the different genres of Biblical literature, how the books of the Bible fit together to form a grand narrative, and much more.

We believe the journey through the Scriptures is a lifelong one. We’ll never have all the “right answers.” But the more we immerse ourselves in the Scriptures and read them well, the more we will come to know God and his work, be remade in the image of Christ, and live our lives as part of God’s story of redemption. We want to walk alongside people throughout that journey.